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Welcome to Namah India Corporate Training Program. We are the House of Comprehensive Productivity Solution!

Namah India is the ultimate provider of Corporate Training for every industry. We provide timeless solutions for employees working in different job roles through commitment, professionalism, and distinctiveness.

We preach to help you be on the right path to success and improve your decision-making abilities over time. Every day, we engage skillful employees in meaningful corporate training across various industries and help them gain power and satisfaction in job roles. Working with a group of experts in the industry, we have expanded our service line with an array of varieties.

Take a Look at Our Training Solutions

We Groom Employees to their Best selves – learn how we are doing it!

With true intentions in heart and a proactive work policy, we head towards bringing the worthiest work potentials of employees through our training programs.

We are now focusing on every chapter of corporate vision so that every client falls in the same room and gets access to the high-quality training classes we are providing!

Short and Long Duration Training Programs

We decide training durations as per your comfort! Choose your date, time, event type, and location. Get desirable outcomes!

Full Composed Training

Our Inbound and outbound training programs cover up the secrets to a successful corporate career. Get the certification that works on real-world job roles.

Smooth Accessibility

Our programs are for everyone - leaders, managers, front-line leaders, senior officials; we are here to enhance any designation job roles!

Know our Leaders

To meet these certain drawbacks of entrepreneurship, a true Corporate Vision is extraordinarily beneficial. Our leaders can enlighten employees, and business heads can gain a genuine sense of corporate leadership and business clarity. We are producing training sessions specially designed to keep up the consistent approach and focus on an in-depth conversation with clients.

  • Sudeep Malhotra
  • Tarun Sharma
  • P S Rathore
  • Ambarish Purohit
  • Sandeep Goswami
  • Jai Singh Khokhar
  • Sonam B Saluja
  • Mahesh Sharma
  • Vikas Jain
  • Preeti Subberwal
  • Deepak Kumar Singh
  • Vinay Agarwal
  • Jinender Jain
  • Dr. Saurabh Ranjan

We Train At Ease!

Catch a tour of our Corporate Training Programs!

We offer OBT (Outbound Training) and CRT (Class Room Training) Programs.
Choose your best!

Business thrives on Employee Potential. All these years, Namah India has built effective solutions from scratch. We want your employees to work with their fullest potential – our believe lies in Hard Work and Dedication.

We care about the future of the Corporate Industry. Hence, our corporate training focuses on the effects of Covid-19 on Employee Skill and Work Culture.

Team Building

No questions to ask about what an efficient team can do in the industry. It can do everything to your business that a poorly structured team is incapable of doing. But taking your team to that extent requires a lot of effort, investment, and guidance.

With the Namah India Corporate Training Program, we are progressively working to change the work ambiances of individuals in teams. We teach employees how to work with team members or associates with unity. By organizing several team-building activities, we take care of employee bonding.

  • Improved Confidence, Self-esteem, and Mental Health
  • Better Understanding, Communication, and Morals
  • Increased Productivity
  • Creative Approach of Work
  • Better Leadership Qualities
  • Positive Ways of Handling Work Pressure

Performance Enhancing Solutions for Managers

Managerial Skills are powerful if you plan to take your firm to sky heights. Getting resourceful training from the best leaders of our Corporate Training Program will allow you to understand the different necessities of job roles.

With only a combination of skills, we can help an employee a better spot in the sector and understand the business better. Through our Corporate Training Program, we enhance the following abilities in employees:

  • Crisis Management
  • Several leadership traits
  • Soft skills
  • An adaptive approach to leadership
  • A better understanding of Business

Personal Effectiveness or Productivity

Becoming the best version of oneself is not what a traditional office teaches you! It is a choice. When you choose to explore distinct possibilities and enhance yourself from within, the best impact that the solid work leaves are on success!

By personal effectiveness, Namah India means to scrape out the best skills a person possesses through various activities, training, and motivational programs. Our trainers go through in-depth research, which makes us come with a top-quality Corporate Training Program that suits you best for your career.

  • Better Job Satisfaction
  • Improved Happiness levels
  • Ease completion of work on-time
  • Better corporate relationships

Setting and Achieving Business Goals

The first best thing a business person can do for their association is to set a goal and stick to it. But, for that, one has to understand which is the right goal!

At Namah India’s Corporate Training Program, we provide as much clarity that your business needs. It is our responsibility to show you the right road that leads to success.

  • Explore the Better Side of Entrepreneurship
  • Skills to Plan Better
  • Taking Small Steps for Bigger Values
  • Developing Clarity and Consistency

Comprehensive Wellness Development

Your Work House can do wonders with Holistic Programs in today’s world! A good entrepreneur always takes care of employee fitness, mental & physical well-being, and productivity.

Our designed programs are engaging employees in both mental and physical activities. We intend to help individuals boost their performance by searching for the original flaws.
Once the program gets over, we are confident the results will show like this:

  • Profound Work-life Balance
  • Reduction in absenteeism
  • High Employee Morale
  • See an ethical approach at work!
  • Boost in Self-confidence

Sales Skills

Sales define your organization. How your products are doing in the market, or how popular services you are having, gives the ultimate meaning to your company.

Through our Corporate Training Program, we take employees to the secrets behind increasing sales of a company. Of course, it has a lot to do with the workforce! And sales skills, nowadays, are no longer confined to a specific thing; it is a perfect blend of technical, analytical, and soft skills.
See what we promise through our Corporate Training Programs

  • Make you Resilience
  • Confident Approach to Clients
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Build a Genuine Rapport
  • Active Listening

Emotional Intelligence

In this fast-paced world, where almost everything changes overnight, it takes a lot of effort, understanding, and confrontation for a person to go with the ever-changing progress.

Job roles can be daunting sometimes, yet be your ultimate source of support. A person becomes emotionally intelligent when managing, understanding, and balancing their emotions is handy for them. And to cope up with it, one needs to go for the Namah India Corporate Training Program, where we teach skills to develop emotional quotient.
Through Namah India Corporate Training Program, we develop emotional intelligence in employees that shows via the following approaches.

  • Better Relationship Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Balancing Emotions at Workplace
  • Develop better relation with Employees
  • Enhance focus at work

Assessment-based Instruction

Our trainers are firm believers in assessment training. It helps the employees to catch up to the teaching track fast, without compromising the standards. We follow a specific regime. And, our employees get a fair chance to enhance their learning abilities in a truly advanced process than any other employees of the industry.

Through our Assessment-based instructions, our employee attendees never lose access to the information we present throughout the training.

Through Namah India’s innovative Corporate Inbound and Outbound Training programs, employees can strengthen themselves to get back into their daily job roles in a more varied approach.

  • Develops Learning Responsibilities
  • Better access to the information
  • Broaden Knowledge on Productivity
  • Sharpen Personal Skills

Interpersonal Skills Development

Corporate Employees have the most authentic communication styles, and that is because of their interpersonal skills. To be a little more accurate, interpersonal skills include effective speaking, listening, and emotional abilities.

Namah India is planning to allow employees to get a better hold of their interpersonal skills. We offer effective communication skill development patterns to help every individual interact effectively with co-workers and company officials.

Through our Corporate Training Program, our experts help every attendee to practice their skills to have a better from the following aspects:

  • Better Social Skills
  • Maintain an Empathetic Approach at Work
  • Self-Awareness
  • Maintaining Healthy Boundaries
  • Practice Open Communication
  • Improve Body Language while Conducting or Attending Meetings

Mindfulness & Meditation

Being mindful means that you can draw better decisions in life, improve your choice, and prioritize the best that the moment offers to you. Being mindful at the workplace gets a lot more difficult because there are deadlines, meetings, conferences, and other responsibilities daily.

What we teach through our Corporate Training is to balance all these responsibilities in a peaceful place. We share life hacks and techniques to deal with all the pressure at ease and prioritize your health.
This posh training helps individuals in the following ways:

  • Mental clarity
  • Explores a Broader Perception
  • Improves personality
  • Make an employee come out as a cut-throat professional
  • Improves mental health
  • Builds self-awareness

Leadership Development

Leaders who can lead their companies to the next level require effective training programs to move forward in leaps and bounds. Tackling smaller groups is sometimes easy. But for larger groups, team leads need some hacks that ease their duties overall.

Through our Leadership Development program, we have helped epic corporate company leaders. And, we can provide our top-notch training to you as well!

We enhance employee abilities by showing them a clear picture of where they stand. Our trainers have designed several leadership programs that help employees rescale, reshape, and track their progress on leadership skills.

By attending Namah India’s Leadership Program, you can get the following benefits:

  • Employee Perception
  • Pressure Handling Skills
  • Empathy to Co-workers
  • Better Business Management
  • Improved Focus
  • Develop Mental Clarity
  • Positive ways to Work under Pressure

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