Award Ceremonies

We only give life to your imagination! Our hard-working team of experts designs top-notch luxurious arrangements that will make your employees proud to be a member of the show! We keep the plan totally on budget and bring the best cuisine on the plate!

Off-sites and Employee Day-outs

Our off-site plans to enhance your employee experience! We have a customizable system. Thence, it becomes more accessible for the company and employees to get along with us. Our timetable keeps the day-out and off-sits cool, fun-filled, and completely refreshing!

Holiday Parties

A little fun improves concentration and clarity in human beings. Not only do we organize holidays, but our motive is also to deliver a memorable experience to our attendees! We offer exceptional facilities, luxury services, and ultimate comfort in our packages.

Wine Tasting and Cheese Pairings

For luxurious retreats to the hidden gems of your company, our team always has something extra to offer! With a collection of premium wine and traditional hard cheese on our shelves, we decorate special platters to match the notes on different wine varieties.

Other Incentive Events

Namah MICE works closely towards arranging Leadership Gatherings, Motivational events, Cruise parties, and Human Resource Events as other important Incentive Events. We are sailing off to make every event count and every day special to beautiful lives!

Looking For An Event!!! We Are The One For You.