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How do we Treat and Deal with Event Arrangements?

Namah India MICE specializes in developing corporate trips at luxury locations. We fit into the diverse industry of the ever-changing corporate world with creative and to-the-point services. With our dedicated team, we fulfill complex projects literally as our clients requirements go by. We are passionate, enthusiastic, and excellent in our responsibilities, for which we have an array of MICE solutions to fit your needs. Check out which one suits the best for your organization!


Organizing luxury meetings is the first-rate service of Namah India Mice Group of Professionals. We search for privileged locations in the country— be it a restaurant, outdoor venue, or prestigious conference halls, to make your event come outstanding on the ultimate day. Our true intention is to deliver outcomes that not only show but also build your brand name. Working with true talents will allow you to be out of stress and get expert solutions from the first day to the last hours. We are sharply working on the following services with a proactive team.


Appreciation is necessary for businesses to grow with their employees. It excites a person to work harder and shower dedication to the day-to-day responsibilities. Especially in the corporate world, when recognition, reward, and appreciation are valid with the employees, it shows in their performance and effort. Incentive Events come with a fair platform for the well-deserving employees who have dedicatedly used their talents for company benefits. At Namah MICE, we organize a wide range of budget-friendly programs to pamper your employees so they can give their best shot in the upcoming days.


Unique Problem solving, fact-finding, confidential discussion, and team building events need special attention and secrecy. They flourish more under a chosen ambiance, with the perfect technical and ethical facilities! Based out of Delhi, we present creative mice services for every private, non-private, government, and special event. With the right tinge of sheer excellence, our company offers technology-infused solutions that are lucrative from all sides. We forge professionalism in our work through a wide range of our logistic services.


Namah India MICE services always come with the perfect recipe to arrange all kinds of corporate events. Our team of affluent experts comes up with exclusive concepts after researching the recent market trends. We do not organize events for only a day. We work hard for an experience that will stay with you forever and ever. And, our procedure to create a satisfying experience is to understand client requirements closely, then beautify them with our professional touch. Our years of operation might be less, but our projects are vast! Check out the events we are designing. We make every execution grand.

Corporate Annual Day / Family Day

Namah MICE organizes Corporate Annual Days with scintillating decoration, countless fun, and mouth-watering food services. We have some fantastic themes to make sure your guests receive the maximum of everything we are organizing for them. So, instead of worrying about your Employee Family Day, watch how we make it the best annual day event for a lifetime!

“We are true to our services. We believe in making connections that lasts a lifetime. Let’s Work Together!”